Share portfolio management

History shows that, while volatile in the short to medium term, over the long term shares can be a great way to preserve and create wealth. But you need to know what you are doing so that you can manage the volatility. What’s more the share market can also be complex, and simply managing your share portfolio can be a time-consuming and expensive process.

Our services include comprehensive share portfolio management services. We help you with all aspects of your share portfolio – from assistance in finding the right investments in the first place, to keeping the balance of your portfolio in line with your appetite for risk, to managing things like franking credits and your participation in share buy-backs and the like. We use economies of scale to add value to your portfolio and our service means you are never ‘on your own’ when it comes to share investing.

Professional share portfolio management can make all the difference to the success of your investment. So, talk to us today about how we can help you get the most out of your share investments.

Neil Sonneveld

Financial Planner

Life happens, but financial worries don’t need to. Neil believes each person is unique and is on their own journey. By really listening to his clients and understanding their needs and concerns, Neil is able to develop a personalised strategic plan, which is realistic, achievable, and provides clients with control and peace of mind. He engages with clients on a regular bases to review their progress and ensures they remain on track to achieving their financial goals and securing a worry-free financial future.

Call Neil today to discuss your share portfolio needs on 03 8513 0290.

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